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Welding Shop

Academy Petroleum Industries has extensive welding capabilities in order to meet our customer needs.

Our welding department consists of Grade B Pressure certified Journeyman Welders. We can weld almost any material thanks to our catalogue of over 60 welding procedures. We are also capable of welding using almost any process, such as SMAW (Stick/MIG), GTAW (TIG), SAW (Sub-Arc), and FCAW (Flux Core).

Our welding department include state of the art Hot-Wire TIG Welding systems which are capable of cladding bores and ring grooves with Inconels & Stainless Steels with amazing quality and disposition rates. To improve customer deliveries, Academy uses three furnaces to provide in-house Post Weld Heat Treatment services.

Weld Repair

Stress Relieve Furnaces

Stress Relieve Furnaces